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I am gratefully for permission to use this as a Bible Lesson from the author and publisher, EVERYDAY PUBLICATIONS INC., 421 Nugget Avenue, Unit 2 Scarborough, ON, Canada MIS 4L8. From original book with same title. Copyright 1992 by R.E. Harlow.

Can a person be saved on Sunday and lost on Monday? Does God give eternal life, and then take it away? Is the Gospel a message of "cheap grace"? What do you have to pay for God's gift? The Bible teaches that God gave His son so that all men may have eternal life. It is the gift of God, not payment for good works. There are many verses, which support the doctrine of Eternal Security. Does this teaching mean that the Christian can do as he pleases? Absolutely not. The truth of Eternal Security must be balanced by another truth, equally Biblical, that God will surely chasten His erring child. A Holy Father will never let His son continue dishonouring His name. This chastening is to teach us while here on earth not to sin against God. In this book, the author gives many verses, which teach these two truths. In the third section, he takes up other difficult verses, which at first seem to teach the opposite. Love, joy, peace are for every believer. None of these is possible if I am always wondering if I have done enough good works to save my soul, or to keep myself saved. These chapters will help you to settle these questions forever.


  • 1. The Good News
  • 2. The Gift of God
  • 3. Life is Eternal
  • 4. The Promise is Certain
  • 5. Justify the Guilty?
  • 6. Christ is our Advocate
  • 7. Christ is the Shepherd
  • 8. Christ is the Bridegroom
  • 9. Sealed by God's Spirit
  • 10. Parental Chastening
  • 11. Salvation: Past, Present, Future
  • 12. Rewards
  • 13. Christ is Lord AND Saviour
  • 14. Hard Verses in the Old Testament
  • 15. Hard Verses in the New Testament a) False Professors
  • 16. b) True Believers
  • 17. c) Other verses

God saves us by faith alone because the Lord Jesus Christ died for us.

It is good to start with God, as the Bible does in the first verse. The Bible teaches also, in the end, God. And all the way between. God is the greatest Person in the universe. Men try to live as if there were no God, but this is both wrong and very dangerous, in fact, fatal. God created man and surely knows what is best for us. He has the right to tell us what we must do. But also, He loves all men and commands us not to do wrong to one another. God's enemy came in and deceived the mother of all mankind. She and her husband sinned when they disobeyed God's command. So all people have the same nature as our first parents, a sinful nature. But God created man and made us able to choose what is right or what is wrong. Long ago, He found that all men are guilty sinners. We chose to follow our first parents and God's great enemy. The penalty for sin is death, Genesis 2:17; Ezekiel 18:4; Romans 5:12; James 1:15; Revelation 21:8. God cannot rule the universe unless He treats all His creatures fairly and righteously. He must punish men for sinning against Him. But He still loves all men. How can God be righteous yet forgive sins? He could remain righteous if some one else would die for any man, as his substitute. But all men have sinned and so must die each for his or her own sins. Even a perfect man could only die for one other man. Many angels are without sin, but they are spirits, they have no body, they cannot die. Animals are not sinners, but no animal has a life equal in value to a human life. Of course, God had the answer to this problem before He created any person. His plan was no less than to send His own Son to become a Man and then to die for all other men. The Son was without sin. His life is the life of God, He is equal with God. By laying down His life, He became the Substitute for all men. God was well pleased with the perfect life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. God raised Him from death and declares to all men that He is our Saviour. The Good News is that the sacrifice of Christ is sufficient in itself to save any sinner still alive in this world. There is nothing I have to do, the work is all done. There is nothing I could do to improve on what Christ has done. His work was perfect, God accepted it, the Bible says I am forgiven and free. He gave His life to redeem many people, Matthew 20:28. Will you believe it? It is indeed Good News for any sinner.

He gives us eternal life as a gift, which He will never take back. The Father gave us as a gift to His beloved Son; He will certainly never take this back. The Son keeps us as His own. God is love and love gives. What does the Bible teach about God's gifts? He gives: Eternal life Romans 6:23. Authority to become sons of God John 1:12. The true Bread of Life John 6:32. An inheritance for eternity Acts 20:32. His own Son and all things Romans 8:32. What does the Son of God give? The water of life John 4:10, John 4:14 and Revelation 21:6. Life John 6:33. Light Ephesians 5:14. Rest Matthew 11:28. Peace John 14:27; 2 Thessalonians 3:16. God and God the Son give us life which is eternal life, John 3.16; John 6:51; John 10:28; John 17:2; 1 John 5:11. It is not life for a short time, it is forever. God's gift is free, it cannot be bought, Romans 5:15-18. His great gift is so wonderful that words cannot describe it, 2 Corinthians 9:15. God first gave His greatly beloved Son in order to give us eternal life. No one could buy or pay for God's Son. God gives, and never takes His gift back again, Romans 11:29. He will never change His mind or demand that I should return to Him the Gift He has given: eternal life through His Son. It would be a great insult for anyone to say, "I don't want your gift, take it back again." He will not take it back, even if anyone did say such a thing. But if man refuses the gift, God will not force him to accept it.


God loves and God gives. God loves men, but still more important is this; God loves His Son, as we learn in John's gospel:

1. He: has given all things to His Son, John 3:35.
2. He shows Him everything, which the Father does, John 5:20.
3. He loves Him still more because the Son gave His life for us, John 10:17.
4. The Son loves us in the same way as the Father loves Him, John 15:9.
5. The Father loves us in the same way as He loves His Son, John 17:23.
6. He loved the Son before He created the world, John 17:24.
7. The Son wants the Father's love to be in us, John 17:26.

We have seen that Love gives. God loves us, gave His Son, and gives us eternal life. What does the Father give to His Son to show His love for Him? We read that God gave the Son to have life in Himself, authority to judge all men, in fact, He gave all things to His Son, John 3:35; John 5:26-27. But here we want to think about God's great gift to His Son: people.

1. God's will is that the Son should not lose any of those whom the Father gave to Him, John 6:39.
2. The Father is greater than all and no one can ever steal them away from Him, John 10:29.
3. The Son has authority to give eternal life to all whom God has given Him, John 17:2.
4. These people belong to God and He gives them to His Son, John 17:6.
5. Still they are God's, and the Son promised to pray for them, John 17:9.
6. The Son prays that God the Holy Father would keep His own, John 17:11.
7. Here on earth the Son kept all His own. Judas was with the eleven apostles, but he never really believed in Christ, John 17:12. The Lord knew this all along, Luke 6:16; John 6:71. Judas never called Jesus Lord, always Master, or Teacher.
8. The Son prayed that these people may be with Him in heaven and see all His glory there, John 17:24.

In these verses we see that Christ considers us to be a special love gift from His Father, and promises never to lose any of those who truly believe in Him. We can be sure that He will keep all His promises, and that God will answer all His prayers.


Type an X in the block provided:

1. The righteous God can forgive sins -
a) if the sinner dies for sin ..................
b) if perfect substitute dies for sin ..................
c) If a perfect animal dies for sin ..................

2. God is love and gives us eternal life -
a) 1 John 5:11 ..................
b) Acts 20:32 ..................
c) Ephesians 5:14 ..................

3. God loves men -
a) less than He loves His Son ..................
b) more than He loves His Son ..................
c) In the same way as He loves His Son ..................

4. God gives believers as a gift to His Son -
a) but many will be lost ..................
b) and the Father and the Son can keep them safe ..................
c) Satan has stolen some true believers from the Lord ..................

5. The Son prays for -
a) all men ..................
b) His own ..................
c) Only those who walk straight ..................

Mark True or False on the line provided:

6. God was in the beginning and will be in the end. - TRUE ................. FALSE .....................

7. All men have a sinful nature but some women are better - TRUE ................. FALSE .....................

8. Rich men could pay God for His Son - TRUE ................. FALSE .....................

9. God's great plan was to send Michael the archangel to die for men - TRUE ................. FALSE .....................

10. It impossible to accept the gift of eternal life, then return it to God - TRUE ................. FALSE ....................


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