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The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. As God He is able to know all things, past, present and future. Here on earth, He spoke many things; some were prophecies of things still future at that time. His words shall never pass away. All His prophecies have been, or will be, fulfilled. I have written about these in a book called “Words of Christ”. This book is about prophecies made by men of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, who lived before the Lord Jesus was born on earth. These prophecies about Christ are all found in the Old Testament. It is remarkable that so many Old Testament prophecies about Christ were fulfilled exactly when the Son of God came to earth. His life and service confirms that God’s promises to Israel were all true, Romans 15.8. We will study these prophecies and see how they were fulfilled when Christ came. This will help us know that the Bible is true, and that God sent His Son, the Saviour of the world. Of course, there have been many great religious leaders telling men how to worship God and get to heaven. No prophet has recorded in advance the details of the life of one of these leaders. God gave His inspired prophets a lot of information about Christ. This alone should prove that God sent His Son into the world. His Name is JESUS. These prophecies are found in several different books in the Old Testament, especially the Psalms and Isaiah. We will gather these verses together in this order:

1. The Son of God
2. The Son became a Man.
3. The Perfect Man
4. He was tempted by Satan.
5. His work here on earth
6. Israel rejected Him.
7. Judas betrayed Him.
8. He died on the cross.
9. Christ rose from death.
10. He returned to heaven.
11. His work in heaven today
12. The Lord will come again as King.
13. Pictures of Christ
14. How to Understand the Bible

You should read in your own Bible every verse as given. At the end of each chapter or section is a list of the most important prophecies in the chapter and the New Testament verses showing their fulfilment. In each chapter of this book some paragraphs are marked with a * and a number. At the end of the book is a list of the verses, which shows where you can find each verse. This will help you understand what this book says about every verse. Read and study God’s Word. You will know God better, and learn more about His Son. The words of Christ are the words of God.



Isaiah 40:8

Matt.5.18; 24.35; Mark 13.31; Luke 21.33; 1 Pet.1.24-25

God’s great plan was to send His Son into this world to save men and win them back to Himself. We are not surprised to learn that He told His faithful prophets that His Son was coming. Since God is one, this is the same as saying that God Himself will come to earth. The LORD was Shepherd of King David, Psalm 23:1. God said that He would come as the Shepherd of His people, Isaiah 40:10-11.He will rule over all, He will feed and gently lead His ~ sheep. He will carry those who are young and weak. He will gather His sheep who are far away, and appoint shepherds to feed and protect them, Jer. 23.3-4. Jehovah will come and search for His lost sheep, Ezekiel 34:12, and gather them again, Micah 2.12. The Lord Jesus, God’s Son, is the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep, John 10.11. God raised the Great Shepherd from death, Hebrew 13.20. Now in heaven He feeds and leads His sheep, John 10.4, 10:9, 10:27. He is the Bread of life, John 6:35, 6:41, 6:51, 6:58. He commands us where to go and what to do and say, John 10.16; 20.21; Matt.28.19; Mark 16.15. He sent the Holy Spirit like Himself, John 14:16, 14:18; 16:7, 16:13; Acts 1.8. As Chief Shepherd He will return and give rewards to those who have ~ helped Him care for His sheep, 1 Peter 5.4.



Isaiah 40:10-11; Jer.23.3

John 10.11, 16; Heb.13.20; 1 Pet.5.4

Ezekiel 34:12; Micah 2:12

Matt.28.l9; Mark 16.15

Jehovah created all things, Psalm 102.25-27. He will never change, but earth and the heavens will become old and God will put them away. The Holy Spirit tells us that all things were created through the Son, John 1.3; Col 1.16; Heb.1.2. In Heb.l.10-12, the words of Psalm 102 are used to show that Christ is greater than angels, He is the Son of God. God is the Creator of all, Isa.40.26, 28; 41.20; 42.5; 43.1, 7, 15; 45.8, 12, 18; 54:16. Here on earth He was the same. He  could create  bread and fish for  9,000 men to eat, Matt. 14.21; 15.38; Mark 8.19-20; Luke 9.14; John 6.l0. He made 100 or 200 gallons of water into the best wine, John 2.6-10. Ezekiel saw a great prophetic vision of God in glory, Ezek.1.l, 1:28, yet He appeared as a Man, Ezek.1.26. The Son became Man, the Lord Jesus, and He is on the throne in heaven, Rev.3.21; 5.6. Only God should be worshipped, Isa.42.8; Psalm 97.7, yet the Holy Spirit used this word about angels worshipping Christ, Heb.1.6. The heathen worship idols and the spirits behind the images, 1 Cor.8.5; 10.20. These evil spirits want the worship of men but they will all bow before Christ. The old Greek translation of Psalm 97.7 says that all His angels should worship Him. The Hebrew Bible says all the “gods and the King James Version does the same. But the Spirit used the Greek word for God in Hebrews 1.6. The Lord Jesus accepted worship from men, Matt.8.2; 9.18; 14.33; 15.25; 20.20; 28.17; Luke 24.52; John 9.38. Before the end all will worship Him, men, angels, wicked spirits, John 5.23; Phil.2.10.




Hebrews 1:2, 10-12; John 1.3; Col.1.16

Isa.40:26, 40:28; 41.20

Matthew l4.21; 15.38; Mark 8.19;

Isa.42.5; 43.l, 7, 15; 45.8, 12, 18

Luke 9.14; John 2.2; 6.10; Rev.l.8; 2.8; 22.13

Psalm 97.7; Isa.42.8/p>

Hebrews 1.6; Matt.8.2; 9.18; 14.33; 15.25; 20.20; 28.17; Luke 24.52; John 9.38; 5.23; Phil.2.10

Jehovah is the Eternal, the First and the Last; Isa.40.28; 44.6; 48.12; and with the last, 41.4. The Coming One had been active from eternity, Mic.5.2. Christ is the First and the Last, Rev.1.11, l7; 2.8; 22.13. He is God. Messiah is called the Branch, because He is a Descendant of David, see * 3.2. God promised that He would raise up a righteous Branch, who would save God’s people, Isa.4.2; Zech.3.8; 6.12, and be called Jehovah our Righteousness, Jer.23.5-6; 33.15. These verses say that the Saviour would be God and Man. God made Christ righteousness for us, 1 Cor.1.30. Christ is called Righteous, 1 Jn.2.1, and the righteous Judge, 2 Tim.4.8. Jehovah calls Himself the King of Israel and the Redeemer, Isa.44.6. He will raise up His King who will reign,  Ps.2.6; Jer.23.5. Messiah came as King but was rejected by Israel, Luke 19.38; 23.2, 37. God called this King His Son, Ps.2.7. This is Christ, Matt,3.l7; 17.5; Mark 9.7; Luke 3.22; 9.35; Acts 13.33; Heb.l.5; 5.5; 2 Pet.1.l7. The LORD is the Redeemer in Isaiah 43.14; 44.6, 24; 47.4; 48.17; 63.16, in the future, 1.27; 41.14; 49.7, 26; 54.5 8; 60.16; also Job 19.25; Prov.23.11; Jer.50.34. He promised to come, He did come, to redeem all who believe, including Israel, Isa.59.20; Rom.11.26. Christ has redeemed us, Gal.3.13; 4.5; Tit.2.14; 1 Pet.1.18-19; Rev.5.9.



Isa.40.28; 41.4; 44.6; 48.12

Rev.1:11, l7; 2.8; 22.l3





Isa.4.2; Jer.23.6; Zech.3.8; 6:12

1 Cor.1.30; 2 Tim.4.8; 1 Jn.2.1

Ps.2.6; Isa.4.2; Jer.23.5; 33.16; Zech.3.8; 6.12

Luke 19.38


Acts 13.33; Heb.1.5; 2 Pet.1.17

Isa.1.27; 41.14; 49.7, 26

Gal.3.13; 4.5; Tit.2.14; 1 Pet.1.18-19; Rev.5.9

In the great prophecy in Isa.9.6 God gave His Son, who is called the Mighty God. In this same verse, there are three other Names of the Messiah proving that He is God: Wonderful. The Angel of the LORD said this was His Name in Judg.13.18, translated as "secret" in many Bibles. We believe that the Son at times appeared to God's people and is called the Angel or “Messenger” of Jehovah. See Gen. 16.10-11; 22.15-16. Our Lord has done wonderful things, Isa.25.1; 28.29; 29.14; Matt.21.15; Luke 4.22; Heb.2.4. Counsellor. God has all wisdom and Christ is the Wisdom of God, 1 Cor. 1.24. God has made Him wisdom unto us, 1 Cor. 1.30, and freely gives us wisdom when we need it and ask for it, Jas.1.5-7. Father of eternity. Christ could say that He and the Father are one, John 10.30, but in Isa.9.6, the meaning is as God He is the Source of the eternal ages. God made His plans before He created the world, 1 Cor.2.7; Eph 1.4; 1 Pet. 1.20. Christ is called King of the ages, 1 Tim.1.17. No creature nor all together, can defeat God’s plans when His time comes. He is also in this verse, Prince of peace. The Lord died for our sins, went back to heaven, until the time comes for Him to rule the world as King. Then, and not before then, there will be peace in all the earth.  Through the Lord, we have now peace with God, Rom.5.1, and in our hearts, Phil.4.7. In Psalm 45.6-7 David praised God because He reigns righteously forever. But the Spirit of God shows us that these are the words of God to His Son, Heb.1:8-9. This is confirmed because God anointed Him. The word Christ means the Anointed One. The Lord Jesus will reign as King over the world for a thousand years. This could not be a promise to David, it is a prophecy of the Messiah. In Hebrews 1 God is the Speaker, verses "1, 5-8, 13. In verse 8, the Spirit shows God was speaking to the Son, and called Him “God”. But in verse 9, God, His God, anointed Him, and also speaks of His “fellows”, those who share something with Him. As God He is alone, by Himself. But He became a Man, and so shares many things with us. These Old Testament verses show that the coming Messiah would be God, in other words, that God Himself would come to save man.



Isaiah 9.6

Luke 4.22; Matt.21.15; 1 Cor.1.24, 30; 1 Tim 1.17 Romans 5.1; Phil 4.7


Place a T (True) or F (False) for your answer at the beginning or end of the question;

1. The Son of God knows all things.

2. All God's promises to Israel have been transferred to the Church

3. As the good Shepherd He will come again and reward His people

4. Christ came to Israel as their King but they rejected Him.

5. God gave the prophets much about the first coming of Christ.

Fill in the blank with CAPITALS LETTERS in the spaces with the correct word/s

6. He will and gently the .

7. is the , the first and the .

8. Messiah is the , because is a descendant of .

9. Jehovah all , He never .

10. He did , to all who , including .


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