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Boys and Girls: There is a lot of bad things on the Internet; this is a good reason why you should use it in a helpful and wholesome way. Know what God says about bad things. Know Christ as your Savior from these things. Only the Bible will teach you this.    Enroll today! No Obligations or Cost.

Here is how it works!  The first Lesson of each Course is on this Web Page.  You can download it and start right away.  When you have studied the Lesson carefully, then you fill out the Test Page and email it to us.  We will correct it and then send you Lesson 2.   Further instructions on lesson page.  If you do not want to download then select the Course you want and write me: 


We are offering the following Email Bible Courses by email.   No Cost!  No Obligation!

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No. 1 SEE & DO # 1  Seven Lessons for Beginners (five and up)
1 The Red Wagon  2 God's Beautiful Garden  3 The Christmas Story   4 The Angry Bee   5 Am I Too Little?    6
The Best Gift   7 Ganny's Beautiful Home Certificate (upon Completion)

No. 2.....SEE & DO # 2   Seven  Lessons for Children (five and up)
Lessons 1. Two Birthdays  2. Tim and the Big Mud Puddle  3. Tim and Holly Pray  4. The Dark Night   5. Frisky
the Runaway Pony   6. Sad and Glad   7. The Playful Puppy    Certificate

No. 3....STORYTIME Seven Lessons for children 5 years and up.
Lessons 1. The Lost Kitten  2. Scrappy Shows The Way  3. The Special Tree   4. The New Boy
5. The Best Gift  6. The Red Truck  7. Randy and Debbie Go Fishing   Certificate

No. 4....EXPLORER  1    It has eight lesson. It is a follow-up to Storytime
Lessons 1. What is God Like? Part 1  2. What is God Like ? Part 2  3. Where Did We Come From? 4. Who Is Our Enemy? 5. Who Is The Promised Saviour?    6. Did Jesus Really Rise From  The Dead?  7. Four Questions   8. How Can I Become A Child Of God?  Certificate

No. 5....EXPLORER-2   Seven Lesson  for Children, Teens and Adults
Lessons1 Jesus Wants Me to KNOW that I Belong to Him 2 Jesus Wants Me to GROW More Like Him 3 Jesus
Wants Me to LOVE Him 4 Jesus Wants Me to OBEY Him  5 Jesus Wants Me to TALK to Him   6 Jesus Wants
Me to Have  VICTORY in Him  7 Jesus Wants Me to HELP OTHERS to Know Him    Certificate

No. 6.... COURSE " A" has eight lessons and is recommended for children seven and up.
Lessons1. Heaven  2. God Created All Things  3. How Sin Came Into The World  4. Jesus Died For Our Sins  5.
Jesus Rose From The Grave  6. Why we Need a Saviour  7. How To Become A Child of God   8. Five Wonderful
Things Certificate

No. 7....COURSE "B" has seven lesson. It is for children nine and over.
Lessons   1. Think Right Do Right Feel Right   2. What Are You Worth?  3. Learning to Accept Myself   4.
Learning to Obey God  5. Obeying God's Delegated Authorities   6. Listen to Your Conscience   7. Obey Your
Conscience   Certificate

No. 8.....COURSE 1 has seven lessons and we recommend it for twelve years and up.
Lessons1. A County Called Heaven   2. What Is God Like?  3. The Way of Victory  4. The Word of God   5. When Jesus Comes  6. Salvation and Rewards  7. 4 Things God Wants You To Know   Certificate

No. 9....NEWLIFE 1 Ten years and up Twelve Lessons
Lessons 1. What is God Like?   2 How Sin Came into the World  3 Man's Problems and God's Solution  4 Is Jesus Christ Really God? 5 The Death of Jesus Christ   6 The resurrection of Jesus Christ   7 What Must I do to be Saved? Part 1   8 What Must I do to be Saved? Part 2   9 How Can I Know that I am Saved?   10 The Way of Victory   11 Jesus Christ is Coming  gain!  12 Four Things God Wants You to Know  Certificate

No..10....LOVE DATING and MARRIAGE    Twelve Lessons. Especially for Teens and Singles and  the Problems of Sex, Dating and Marriage. A MUST!  Lessons: 1. What is Love.?   2. The Three Kinds of Love. 3. Ten Reasons Why You Should Wait Marriage.  4. Understanding the Sex Drive. 5. Dating.  6. How to Say No.  7. Love is More Than a Beautiful Feeling.  8. Ten
Pitfalls & How to Avoid  Them.   9. How to Experience God's Love Part 1.  10. How to Experience God's Love Part 2.   11. How Can I Tell if it is Real Love.?  12. Choosing Wisely.  Certificate

Ten Lessons. A good follow-up to the above Course
Lessons 1. What about Friendships.?   2. What about Sexual Relationships.?   3. What about Getting Married.?   4. What about Making Marriage Work.?  5. What about Having and Bringing Up a Family.?  6. What about God's will for me.? 7. What about drinking alcohol.?  8. What about smoking..?  9. What about gambling.?  10. What about television.? 11. What about a local church.? 12. What about my responsibility to civil authorities.? 13. What about the occult.? 14. What about the cults.?  15. What about evolution.?   Certificate

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