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1.   History, 1.1 - 2.13

      1.   Job lost his property and his family, 1.1-22

2.   Job lost his health, 2.1-13


2.   Job and his three friends, 3.1 - 31.40

1.   Job wanted to die, 3.1-26.

2.   First round of: speeches, 4.1 - 14.22

1.  Eliphaz and Job, 4.1 - 7.21

2.  Bildad and Job, 8.1 - 10.22

3.  Zophar and Job, 11.1 - 14.22

3.   Second round o~ speeches, 15.1 - 21.34

1.  Eliphaz and Job, 15.1 - 17.16

2.  Bildad and Job, 18.1 - 19.29

3.  Zophar and Job, 20.1 - 21.34

4.   Third round of speeches, 22.1 - 26.14

1.  Eliphaz and Job, 22.1 - 24.25

2.  Bildad and Job, 25.1 - 26.14

5.   Job's Parables, 27.1 - 30.31

6.   Job declared he was innocent, 31.1-40


3.  Elihu's Speeches, 32.1 - 37.24

1.   His reasons for speaking, 32.1-22

2.   His answers to Job, 33.1-33

3.   His message to the three friends, 34.1-37

4.   His message to Job, 35.1-16.

5.   His teaching about God, 36.1-33

6.   A storm approaches, 37.1-24


4.   Jehovah revealed Himself out of the storm, 38.1 - 42.6

1.   Creation and Job, 38.1-38

2.   Animals and birds, 38.39 - 39.30

3.   Job's reply, 40.1-5

4.   Jehovah's work with men, 40.6-14

5.   Great animals, 40.15 - 41.34

6.   Job's confession, 42.1-6


5.    Job's blessing, 42.7-17.



God's wisdom is great, Psalms 104.24; Colossians 2.3; Ephesians 3.10, and God alone is really wise, Romans 16.27. Man can become wise only as God gives him wisdom, and He gives us wisdom through His book, the Holy Bible. Christ is the wisdom of God and is become wisdom for us, 1 Corinthians 1.24,30. God gave wisdom to Bezalel and Oholiab and many other persons in Israel so they could build the tabernacle of the Lord, Exodus 31.3,6. He gave great wisdom to Solomon when he asked for it, 1 Kings 3.9,12,28; 4.29-31. Solomon's wisdom was seen when he acted as judge to settle quarrels between people according to the law of the Lord. He spoke in wise sayings called proverbs, and also wrote a thousand and five songs, 1 Kings 4.32. Some of these wise sayings are found in the Bible, in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. One of Solomon's songs is called the Song of Solomon. Another book, the book of Job, gives us the wisdom of five ancient wise men.


books about wisdom

Books written by Solomon












Song of Solomon



All four books are in the form of poetry, like the book of Psalms. In the Bible these five books are placed together. Some of the Psalms are called Maskil and were written to teach wisdom, Psalms 32, 42, 44, 45, 52, 53, 54, 55, 74, 78, 88, 89, 142.



Many people have written stories about persons who never really lived. In parables the speaker often tells a story, which teaches wisdom, or some great truth, but is not a record of what actually happened. Today some teachers say that the book of Job is just a parable and could not be a true record. They cannot believe that Job would lose his property and his family all in one day, then get twice as much wealth and another family. But we believe that the book of Job is the history of a real man who lived and suffered and talked with his friends.


1.  The book is much too long to be a parable.

2.  Writers of the Bible speak of Job as a real man, Ezekiel 14.14,20; James 5.11.

3.  God is able to do wonderful things, and we will see why He allowed Job's property and family to be taken in one day and later restored.


We do not know who wrote the book or when or where it was written. There is no mention of the law of Moses or the temple or tabernacle, so we can believe Job lived about the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Job, like Abraham, was rich in cattle, and lived to a very great age. Job and his friends offered their own sacrifices as God's people did before the time of Aaron: Noah, Genesis 8.20; Abraham, Genesis 12.7-8; 13.4,18; Isaac, Genesis 26.25; Jacob, Genesis 31.54; 33.20; 35.1; 46.1. Job at the end gave a part of his inheritance to his daughters, which was not according to later Hebrew custom, 42.15; Numbers 27.8. In the book of Job we will see that chapters 3 to 41 are in the form of poetry. These chapters record the speeches of five men discussing Job's problems. These speeches were written down later in the form of poetry. God has kept this book in safety, along with sixty-five other books in the Holy Bible. These are all inspired by the Holy Spirit, and we can be sure that the writer of Job recorded accurately what these five men said, as well as the words of Jehovah. The book of Job deals with a great problem, which all men have to face, the problem of suffering. From the beginning men and women have had to suffer, and so we could expect that Job was one of the first books of the Bible to be written. It gives comfort to people who suffer no matter when they live. The four friends of Job were considered to be wise in the wisdom of this world. Job was wiser than they, but he too said some foolish things before he stopped. What did these five men talk about? Job was considered a very righteous man, yet he suffered terrible things. There were two main questions:


1.         Why do men have to suffer?

2.         Why do righteous men have to suffer?


The friends of Job had an easy answer to the first: Men suffer because they have sinned against God. Their answer to the second question was also simple (but wrong): Righteous men do not have to suffer. So they were forced to say that Job must be a great sinner. More, he must have been a secret sinner and, worse, a hypocrite, because he always hid his sins. Job positively denied that he was a sinner or a hypocrite, but he could not answer the main question. Instead he blamed God for allowing him to suffer. Elihu, the fourth friend, said some good things, but he found no real answer to the problem. After that the Lord revealed Himself, and the book ends with God's blessing on Job, and the three friends. Some verses in Job make us think of the Lord Jesus Christ.


1.   In 9.33 Job said there was no one to come between him and God, no one who could listen to both of them. The Lord Jesus is both God and Man, He is our Mediator, 1 Timothy 2.5.

2.   Job hoped that someone in heaven would plead for him before God, 16.19-21. Our Saviour is there now praying for us, Hebrews 7.25.

3.   Job believed that his Saviour was in heaven, 19.25, and this is true, Hebrews 9.12.

4.   The Lord Jesus came to be God's messenger and to pay the ransom price so we can be free, Job 33.24; Matthew 20.28.

MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT OF LESSON AND TEST FOR - LESSON 1 (Click on the "Microsoft Word" word in blue to choose this option)


Read each question carefully; then, select the correct answer and mark it with a X.

1. Which verse tells us that only God is wise?
a) Psalms 104:1 .........
b) 1 Corinthians 1:18 .........
c) Romans 16:27 .........

2. God gave wisdom to Bezalel and Oholiab so they could: -
a) build the walls of Jerusalem .........
b) build the tabernacle .........
c) defeat the enemies of Israel .........

3. The story of Job is: -
a) a true story .........
b) a parable .........
c) an ancient mystery .........

4. We can believe that Job lived about the time of: -
a) Moses .........
b) Abraham .........
c) Solomon .........

5. The book of Job deals with the problem of: -
a) wisdom .........
b) riches .........
c) suffering .........


6. God gives us wisdom through the Bible - True: ......... False: .........

7. The book of Job gives us the wisdom of six ancient wise men - True: ......... False: .........

8. Moses wrote the book of Job - True: ......... False: .........

9. Most of the book of Job is in the form of poetry - True: ......... False: .........

10. Job suffered terrible things because he was a very bad man - True: ......... False: .........


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