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Studies in Hebrews R.E. Harlow Copyright 1981 by R.E. Harlow Everyday Publications Inc. 421 Nugget Avenue, Unit 2 Scarborough, ON., Canada MIS 4L8 I gratefully acknowledge the above permission to us the material for Bible Lessons All rights reserved.




  1. A Greater Prophet, 1.1-3
  2. A Greater Messenger, 1.4- 2.18
  3. A Greater Servant, 3.1-6
  4. A Better Rest, 3.7-4.13
  5. A Better Priesthood, 4.14- 7.28
  6. A Better Covenant, 8.1 - 9.22
  7. A Better Sacrifice, 9.23 - 10.39
  8. Faith, chapter 11
  9. How Christians Should Live, chapters 12 and 13


A Message to Hebrew Christians

Life in Jerusalem would never be the same again. John the Baptist had come and the Lord Jesus had come. Both spoke the words of God and both were put to death. But the Lord Jesus rose again from death and hundreds of witnesses saw Him, some ate food with Him, and many talked with Him before He went back to heaven. The authorities did not believe these witnesses and tried to stop them teaching about Christ. This did not work very well and thousands believed in the Lord. These believers were Hebrews, they belonged to the Hebrew nation, but now they were Christians, born into the family of God. The authorities tried to bring them back to the Jewish religion by two methods. They made the temple services as attractive as possible, and they persecuted those Christians who refused to go back. Satan still uses these two methods today. Thousands of Christians have been saved from the world and their old religions. Their parents and friends often try very hard to make them go back. If the Christians refuse, they may be bitterly persecuted. God's message to  all true Christians is Never Turn Back.



We do not know the name of the person who wrote the letter to the Hebrews, but we are sure it is part of God's Word. The whole Bible is about Christ, but none of the other sixty-five books gives more glory to Christ than Hebrews. Paul gives great glory to the Lord in his epistles, and many people think Paul wrote Hebrews. The important thing is this: the Holy Spirit led someone to write the letter and we should read it today as a message from God. God punished the people of Jerusalem by allowing the Roman armies to destroy the city in the year 70 A.D. The Lord Jesus prophesied about this in Luke 21.24. The writer of Hebrews does not mention this event, so we can think the letter was written before that date. The Church was formed on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down to live in those who believed in Christ. This was about the year 33 A.D., so Hebrews may have been written about 35 years later. Ten different words in 37 verses in Hebrews mean great,  greater or better. The Holy Spirit did not want the Hebrew Christian to go back, so He kept showing them the better way. We will look at the first ten chapters of Hebrews as follows:


  1. A Greater Prophet, 1.1-3
  2. A Greater Messenger, 1.4- 2.18
  3. A Greater Tenant, 3.1-6
  4. A Better Rest, 3.7 - 4.13
  5. A Better Priesthood, 4.14-7.28
  6. A Better Covenant, 8.1 - 9.22
  7. A Better Sacrifice, 9.23 - 10.39

In chapter 11 we will see what faith is, and in chapters 12 and 135, how we should walk and live as Christians. In Hebrews also there are very strong warnings from the Holy Spirit to the Hebrew believers, and to us. These are found especially in chapters 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10. The message of Hebrews is Never Turn Back--Christ is far better than anything else. In Hebrews there are thirteen chapters, 303 verses. We will try to explain what every verse means. It is important for you to read what every verse says before you read the explanation in this book.



The Holy Spirit started off by showing that Christ is greater than the Old Testament prophets. God had spoken through His prophets, and they wrote the Old Testament. Now He has spoken to us through His Son. Verse 1 - Who were these prophets? Moses was called a prophet, Acts 7.37, and the books from Joshua to 2 Kings were written by men who are called the Former Prophets. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are Major Prophets, and Hosea to Malachi, Minor Prophets. David wrote about half of the Psalms. He is called a prophet in Acts 2.30. We see that most of the Old Testament was written by God' s prophets, perhaps all of it. Certainly all thirty-nine books of the Old Testament were inspired by God. God spoke in different ways: sometimes directly to His prophets, sometimes in a vision, Numbers 12.8; Daniel 7.1. God spoke many times through the years from Adam to Malachi. Malachi lived about 3,600 years after Adam, about a thousand years after Moses. These prophets of God brought His messages to the Hebrews who lived  before New Testament times, Romans 3.2. God planned that the Jews should take His Word to other people also, but most of the time they just kept it for themselves. Verses 2 and 3 - Now God has spoken to us in His Son.


Verse 1

Verse 2

At different times

Now in the last days

To the Hebrew ancestors

To us

Through prophets

In His Son


In the Old Testament God revealed His righteousness, holiness, wisdom and love. In Christ we see all that God is, especially the grace of God. In Verses 2 and 3 the writer shows that the Son is far greater than the prophets.


  1. God has planned that the Son shall inherit all things, Matthew 11.27; John 16.15. This was in the past eternity, before He created the world, John 17.24; 1 Peter 1.20.
  2. God created the universe through the Son, John 1.3; Colossians 1.16. This proves that Christ is God, because only God can create something out of nothing, Hebrews 11.3.
  3. The glory of God shines out from the Son. He veiled  this glory for a short time when He became a Man.
  4. All of God's nature and character is seen in the Son, His real Being and Person. He could say, He who has seen me has seen the Father, John 14.9. Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, John 1.17. We do not need to know what God looks like, but what He is like. We can learn all about God through Christ.
  5. The universe is held up and sustained by the Word and the power of the Son. The Creator of the world also keeps it spinning. This is the Son and He holds all things together, Colossians 1.17.
  6. The Son has made a way for God to purify the sins of men. This was when He died on the cross for us. Hebrews says a lot about sin and how we can be made clean by the blood. Without blood no sins can be forgiven; the blood of animals can never take away sin; but Christ's one Sacrifice  cleanses forever all who trust in Him.
  7. The Son sat down in heaven at God's right hand. The right hand is the place of honour and authority. God raised His Son from death and gave Him glory, 1 Peter 1.21.

All these things show that the Son is equal with God, and that He is God. Therefore He is of course greater than Isaiah, Jeremiah or any prophet of the Old Testament. These men spoke and wrote the word of God, but the Son is God.

MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT OF LESSON AND TEST FOR - LESSON 1 (Click on the "Microsoft Word" word in blue to choose this option)


Read each question carefully; then, select the correct answer and mark it with a X.

1. God created the world:
a) through His Son. .........
b) and it keeps running by its own power. .........
c) but modern scientists can create something out of nothing. .........

2. The Lord Jesus Christ:
a) was equal to Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. .........
b) was greater than any prophet or angel. .........
c) wrote the New Testament. .........

3. In chapter 1, the Holy Spirit used words from:
a) the Old Testament. .........
b) other old books. .........
c) Greek poets. .........

4. The Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven where:
a) He stands before the throne of God. .........
b) He sits at God's right hand. .........
c) He has nothing to do. .........

5. The Lord Jesus Christ is God, and He:
a) is called God. .........
b) is equal to all other gods. .........
c) shows what God looks like. .........


6. Angels are helpful spirits - True: ......... False: .........

7. Heaven and earth will pass away, then God and Christ will be changed - True: ......... False: .........

8. Moses and David were prophets of the Old Testament - True: ......... False: .........

9. One wonderful day the Son became the Son of God - True: ......... False: .........

10. There are seven main divisions in the first ten chapters - True: ......... False: .........


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