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HEAVEN: THE PERSONS WHO LIVE THERE (An Introduction to Christian Doctrine)

Contents of Lessons  

  1. Heaven
  2. God is Light
  3. What is God like?
  4. God the Son
  5. The work of Christ
  6. More about God
  7. The Angels of Heaven
  8. Men in Heaven
  9. How to get to Heaven
  10. On the Way to Heaven
  11. The Bride of Christ
  12. When will we get to Heaven?

If you are going to Heaven you might like to know more about the important people who live there, and especially about the One who owns Heaven, and His Son. If you are not planning to be in Heaven this lesson will tell you what you are missing. You might want to change direction. There is still time; you still have the opportunity to find the Way. Heaven is a home. You can come to know the One who owns Heaven and His Son. If you know the Son you will be most welcome in Heaven. If you are hoping but not sure, this lesson will help you to know.


Where is Heaven? Some people say that Heaven is not a place so we cannot know where it is. The Bible does not tell us where Heaven is but it tells us how to get there. This is more important than knowing where it is. In fact the Bible does not say very much about Heaven but it tells us a great deal about the people who are there. There are millions of people in Heaven and some of them are very important. The first half of this lesson will tell you about the most important Person in Heaven: His name is God. In the second half you will learn about those who live in Heaven and how they got there.

We can say right away that Heaven is where God is. The Bible calls Him the God of Heaven, Genesis 24.7; Nehemiah 2.4; Psalms 136.26; Jonah 1.9; Revelation 11.13; 16.11. God lives in Heaven so we can say that Heaven is God’s home. The Bible uses the word Heaven in two other ways also. Read 1 Chronicles 27.23 and Daniel 7.13. What does Heaven mean in these two verses? You have read about the clouds of heaven and the stars of heaven. So you see that the word heaven means also the air or atmosphere where the clouds are; and outer space where the stars are.

Who created the air and the stars? Read Psalms 121.3 and 124.8. God created both the heavens and the earth and in these verses He is called the LORD or Jehovah. Also read these verses: Job 38.4-13; 40:15; Isaiah 40.26; 42.5; 45.12; Amos 4.13; Revelation 4.11. In Revelation 10.6 and 14.7 we see that God created heaven and earth. Here the word heaven means where the clouds are and where the stars are. But what about Heaven, the place where God lives? Who created Heaven meaning God s dwelling place? God is eternal, He has always lived in Heaven, and so Heaven has always existed. Heaven meaning where God is was never created, it is eternal. In this way Heaven is like God Himself.

We can see the clouds and the stars but we cannot see the air or outer space. We cannot see heaven where God lives and we cannot see God. John 1:18. This is another way we can say God is like heaven: we cannot see either. Some men do not believe that Heaven is real because they cannot see it. Think of these three things: air, love. God. These men cannot see the air, they can feel love but they cannot see it, and no one can see God. Yet the air is real, aircraft can fly in the air. Love is real even though we cannot see it with our eyes. God is certainly real, He created everything. Heaven also is real even though we cannot see it at present. Some real things cannot be seen. Which came first, what can be seen or what cannot be seen? In Hebrews 11.3 you will learn that what is seen was made from what cannot be seen. Therefore what cannot be seen must have existed first. Again unseen things are eternal, 2 Corinthians 4.18, they will last forever. Therefore, what is unseen existed before the creation, which we can see, and unseen things will last longer, forever. Many things are real even though you cannot see them: faith, hope, joy, air, outer space, the love of God, the power of God, Heaven, and God Himself. All are very real but cannot be seen with our eyes.

Some people say: God is not real; or There is no God; or You cannot prove that God is real. How can we prove that there is a real God? The Bible does not argue or try to prove that God exists, so why should we try? The Bible simply starts out with these wonderful words: In the beginning GOD. The word God is found over 3,600 times in the Bible. The writers of the Bible were not talking about someone who does not exist. They really believed in God, and they were right. Perhaps you have some friends who go to a school where they are taught that there is no God. You could ask them this question: How can you prove that there is no God? Of course they cannot prove it. Ask them: They might answer: You say it came from God, but where did God come from? The Bible does not say where God came from, it says He is eternal. He has no beginning or end. The Bible does tell us where the world came from, God made it. Another question to ask your young friend: Who planned the world? There is a wonderful order in the world, from the mighty stars above to the smallest animal. The world is not just a terrible mixture of many odd things. Someone must have planned it all out. This Person must be very wise. If His Name is not God, what is it? Again you could ask: Who keeps it all going? The answer to this question is found in Colossians 1.17 and Hebrews 1.3: the same One who started it in the beginning. So you might ask your young friend three questions:

1.   Where did the world come from?
2.   Who made everything fit together so well?
3.   Who keeps it all going?

Be sure you have the answers yourself: Only God has the power and wisdom to create this wonderful universe out of nothing and to keep it going on course. No scientist has ever claimed to create the smallest piece of matter out of nothing. Men can change the form and nature of matter but only God could create it. If there is no God, there is no Heaven, because Heaven is where God is. In a special sense we can say that God is here on earth but He lives in Heaven. Heaven must be better than earth, but some people would be afraid because God is there.

In this lesson you will learn more about God and other persons in Heaven. First we will find out what God is like, also Christ and God s Spirit. Then you will learn about Angels and the people who are in Heaven and how they got there. You will see how YOU could get to Heaven. We will study a little about the men of God still here on earth before they get to Heaven, and what will happen to them next. In the last lesson we will see what God plans to do in Heaven and on earth in the future.


  1. Heaven is where God is, paragraph 1.
  2. Someone must have created the world out of nothing. His name is God, /2-4.
  3. God is real even if we cannot see Him, /5-8.
  4. God is eternal; no one created God, /9.
  5. Someone must have planned the world. His name is God, and He keeps it going, /10.
  6. No creature can create something out of nothing, /11.
  7. This lesson is about Heaven, all who live there, and how to get there, /12.
  8. You will soon know much more about Heaven. Go right on to Lesson 2.

MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT OF LESSON AND TEST FOR - LESSON 1 (Click on the "Microsoft Word" word in blue to choose this option)


True or False

1. Heaven is not a real place. - TRUE ......... FALSE .........

2. The Bible calls God, the God of Heaven - TRUE ......... FALSE .........

3. Some places the word "heaven" means where the birds fly.- TRUE ......... FALSE .........

4. A thing is only real if we can see it with out eyes. - TRUE ......... FALSE .........

5. The title God is only found 1000 times in the Bible. - TRUE ......... FALSE .........

Fill in the blank in the space provided.

6. The Bible says that God is ........., and does not say where He came from.

7. There is a ......... order in the world.

8. What verse tells us the things were made from things unseen .........

9. There are other ......... in heaven

10. No scientist has ever ......... to have created anything.


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