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  LESSON 1 – Angels and Men






We live in this world where we can see, hear, and touch many things. Sometimes we can understand what is in the world around us.


There is another world, the spiritual world. We cannot see those who live in the spiritual world, but we can learn something about them. God is Spirit, John 4.24. He alone created the material world and the spiritual world. He has in love told us many things about the spiritual world. This information is found only in the Bible. God has commanded the spirits not to reveal themselves to us without His permission. Some men teach us wrong things about spirits. Some Christians have written songs which speak of angels. We must learn only from God’s Word.


Angels are spirits, created by God, to do His will, to glorify Him. One decided to disobey God and he persuaded many others to follow him. God has punished some of them, and will soon judge all the rest.


In this book we will study what the Bible teaches about angels, both good and bad.


1. The nature of angels

2. The work of angels in the past, the present and the future

3. The Angel of the Lord

4. Satan

5. Demons




In this course I ask you to read many verses from the Bible. You will not understand what I say unless you read these verses. Anyway, it is far more important to know what God says in the Bible than what any teacher may say about it.

The Nature of Angels


Angels are spirits, Ps.l04.4; Heb 1.7. God is Spirit, John 4.24, the supreme Spirit, who created all other spirits. Angels do not marry and produce others like themselves, as men and animals do, Matt.22.30; Mark 12.25. God created each one individually. He could create more if and when He wants to do so. Angels do not have physical, material bodies, and they never die, Luke 20.36.


We do not know how many angels God has created. In Heb.12.22, the Greek word means tens of thousands. There are over one hundred million of them, Rev.5.11. The Spirit speaks of the same great number around the throne of God in Dan.7.10.


God cannot be seen by men, I Tim.1.17, and angels are usually the same. For this reason many people today do not believe in angels; they are like the Sadducees, Acts 23.8. But men were made lower than angels, Ps.8.5; Heb.2.7,9. The Son of God became a Man, Heb.2.16, always was and will be greater than they, Heb.1.4-6; 2.5.


Angels usually dwell in heaven, Matt.18.10; 24.36; Mark 12.25. They come to earth to help men, and sometimes allow men to see them and hear them speak.


Angels are holy, Matt.25.3l; Mark 8.38; Luke 9.26; Acts 10.22; Rev.14.10. They are sometimes called saints, meaning holy ones, Deut.33.2 (see Acts 7.53; Heb.2.2); Jude v.14 (see Matt.25.31; 2 Thes.1.7). They are good, 1 Sam.29.9; and wise, 2 Sam.14.20. A woman thought that David could tell the difference between good and evil, 2 Sam.14.17. Mephibosheth could trust David to do what was right, 2 Sam.19.27. At first the Galatians accepted Paul’s teaching, almost as they would from an angel, Gal.4.14.


Angels can speak well, I Cor.13.l. Paul said that his words might be very clever, even like an angel’s, but without love he would useless. They have great strength, Ps.103.20; Rev.5.2; 18.21; and authority, Rev.18.1. Stephen full of the Spirit looked like an angel, Acts 6.5,15.


Angels have greater knowledge and wisdom than men. They observe what we are doing. The world thought the apostles were put on show, as being very strange, I Cor.4.9. Angels too were watching them, but rejoicing, because they saw the apostles living in poverty and danger for the sake of Christ.


They also are watching to see if women obey the Scripture about wearing a head covering, 1 Cor.11.10. Paul told Timothy to do many things, some of which might be hard. He did this by God’s will and God and the Lord Jesus knew what he was saying, 1 Tim.5.21.The angels also knew about it.


Still there are things which God does not reveal even to angels. The Lord Jesus said they did not know the day and hour of His return, Matt.24.36; Mark 13.32.


1) Michael. He is the archangel, the chief angel, the only one with this title. He is also called the chief prince, Dan.12.l, but one of the chief princes, Dan.10.13. He helped another angel in the struggle with the wicked spirit of Persia, Dan. 10.13. He disputed with Satan about the dead body of Moses, Jude v.9. (God buried Moses’ body in a valley in the land of Moab, Deut.34.6. It is possible that God did not want Israel to know just where, because they might want to worship Moses’ bones. They did make the bronze snake into an idol, 2 Kgs.18.4.) Michael stood for the people of Israel, Dan.10.21; 12.1. Revelation 12: speaks of Israel and verse 7 says that Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, who is Satan.


The Lord Jesus will come for His Church, with a shout, and the voice of an archangel, 1 Thes.4.16. Perhaps Michael’s activity at the Rapture shows that the believers of Israel rise from death at the same time.


2) Gabriel. This angel was sent to help Daniel understand the visions he had seen, Dan.8.16-l9. At first Daniel was very much afraid, and became like a man asleep. Gabriel helped him but still Daniel was amazed and felt sick, Dan 8.27.


Gabriel had the honor of telling Zechariah that John would be born and prepare the way for Christ, Luke 1.19. Six months later God sent Gabriel again to tell Mary that the Holy spirit would come on her. She would have a Son, and call His name Jesus. Her Son would become King of Israel forever, Luke 1 26-28.


Other angel beings are called watchers, Dan.4. 13,17,23. Nebuchadnezzar was indeed a great king by human standards. His armies conquered many nations and he built Babylon into a wonderful city. God told him that he was like the head of gold in an image representing four empires, Dan.2.38. But he made an image of gold and commanded all people to bow down before it. He tried to kill three believing Jews because they would not worship his gods, Dan.3.l4,20. God preserved these young men and the king agreed that their God was greater than others, Dan.3.29. Yet he remained proud and did not give glory to God. The holy watchers at last punished him, Dan.4.17.

These angels were guarding the supreme God. They allowed Nebuchadnezzar to continue in his pride, until he went too far. They wanted to teach all living men that the one true God is in total control.


The seraphim also guarded God’s holiness, Isa.6.2-7. They each had six wings. They stood above the throne of the Lord, and proclaimed the holiness of Jehovah. The prophet of God understood that even his lips were not clean. He thought seeing Jehovah would mean his death. But one of the seraphim took a hot coal from the altar, and touched Isaiah’s lips with it. Then Isaiah was ready to hear and obey God’s call, Isa.6.8-10.


This is the only time we read about seraphim, but cherubims are spoken of about 90 times in the Old Testament. These angel beings appeared to Ezekiel as having two faces (lion and man, Ezek. 41.18,19 or four faces, Ezek. 10.21). God placed cherubim at the east side of the garden of Eden. Gen.3.24. This was to guard the way to the tree of life after Eve and Adam had fallen into sin.


Pictures or images of cherubim were used to remind people of God’s holiness. Two gold cherubim stood over the mercy seat, the lid of the box called the ark, Ex.25.18-20; 37.9. God met with Moses and spoke to him from between the two cherubim, Ex.25.22; Num.7.89; Isa.37.16. This was the throne of Jehovah, I Sam.4.4; 2 Sam.6.2; I Chron.13.6. God had to leave this place because of the continuing sin of Israel, Ezek.9.3; 10.1-7 There were also pictures of cherubim on the curtains and the veil of the tabernacle, Ex.26.1,31.


In Solomon’s temple, there were great images of cherubim, almost five meters high, with wings almost five meters across, 1 Kgs.6.23,24; 2 Chron.3.11-13. These stood over the ark of God, I Kgs.8.6,7; I Chron.28.18. There were also pictures of cherubim on the wall, doors, carts, and in the veil, 1 Kgs.6.34,35; 7.29,36; 2 Chron.3.7,14.

The cherubim are called living creatures, Ezek.10.20. The prophet had a vision of God’s glory when he was ill the land of Babylon near the river Chebar, Ezek. 1 .1,3. We are amazed when we read about the appearance of these cherubim in Ezekiel chapter 1, also 10.8,14, 21.










1. We can see those in the spirit world.

2. We must prove all things by the word of God.

3. Spirit beings marry and have more angels.

4. God buried Moses and no one knows where.

5. It was Michael that told Mary she would have a child.




6. ____are _____ created by ______

7. ____have _____knowledge and ___ that ____

8. The ______also _____God’s ________

9. Then _____ was ____ to hear and _____ God’s ____

10. _____was full of the ___and looked _____ an angel.


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